Custom Barndominium

Here at DeadEye Construction we offer the BEST Barndominiums in Tulsa and the surrounding metropolitan area. Our custom barndominiums can be found all across Oklahoma and the surrounding states.

High Quality Custom Barndominiums Offered in Tulsa! 

Do you intend to purchase your ideal barndominium? The company Deadeye Construction, LLC specializes in creating barndominiums specifically for you. At a fraction of the cost, barndominiums offer considerably more square footage than a typical home.

Custom Barndominium Homes 

When we use the word “custom,” we really mean it! We provide the features and goods for your barndominium that are important to you. Granite surfaces? That’s it! kitchen of a chef? Not an issue? in the master bathroom’s spa tub? Please, yes! Your house wishes are captured on paper by our designers, and they are realized by our builders.

Power Efficient Living Areas 

The majority of the materials used to build barndominiums are already energy-efficient by nature. You can cut your power expenses without sacrificing comfort thanks to spray-foam insulation and steel roofs that cost less to cool.

Live/Work Atmospheres 

In the era of remote work and business, your barndominium home can easily double as both your living area and office. Make a room in your barndominium into a workspace, workshop, storage area, or brainstorming area. Create totally different environments for your home and workplace to keep them apart.

Endless Features 

The ability to offer facilities that are not often found in regular homes makes barndominiums special. For instance, you’ll have enough area to install a wine cellar, wet bar, home theater, library, game room, weight room, and multiple-car garage while still having room for savings!

FAQs About Barndominiums in Tulsa 

What are the advantages of a barndominium? 

A modern barndominium offers a ton of adjustability to meet your way of life in addition to being cost-effective. They are completely customisable, need less time to construct, are sturdy, and offer a ton of space for a low price.

Why pick a barndominium? 

Barndominium dwellings are becoming more and more popular because they are less expensive to build than traditional homes and offer greater adaptability. Use it for a variety of live/work purposes, such as using the lower floor as an office or workshop and the upper level as living space.

How much does a barndominium cost? 

Barndominiums cost a fraction of what it would to build a brand-new home of equal size. Since the price per square foot is lower, you may either spend less money on the overall construction or have more money to spend on superior appliances, facilities, and items. You have a choice!

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