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What is a Post Protector?2022-01-05T21:14:52+00:00

Post Protector

A Post Protector is an Eco-Friendly and Cost Efficient way to battle Post Decay. Post Protectors take the low cost of Post Frame Building and extend the life of the foundation. Post Protectors are made of a plastic polymer that is designed to keep the treatment of the wood inside and the soil, micro-organisms, moisture and concrete encasement out. This specific plastic polymer is made to sustain up to 450 years of geo-application life; making the post protector perfect for Agricultural, Residential, or Commercial Use. Post Protectors are designed with wide horizontal ribs to help provide protection from uplift forces as well as vertical ribs to provide a vent for water to evaporate through for any moisture that may sneak its way in during the installation process.

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